Thursday, November 21, 2013

Put a Stop to Molds with Quality Chattanooga Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets with molds typically have stains to indicate the presence of the fungi, although sometimes mold can be difficult to visually detect unless homeowners are willing to take off the entire flooring. An alternative way to detect molds within carpets is by smelling the runners. If a spot has a distinctive earthy and pungent scent, it must have molds. This isn’t the safest method of finding molds, however it works in a pinch. Cleaning molds off from carpets can be quite a challenge, especially if the carpet in question is made from a delicate material. Fortunately, there are Chattanooga carpet cleaning companies like EnvioSpec that can professionally wash carpets with their own specially formulated detergents. Such cleaning procedures are non-toxic, and should leave the carpets clean and safe to use once again.