Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Myths that the Experts Can Bust for You

There is also a myth that claims carpets should not be vacuumed often or they will “deteriorate”. Chattanooga carpet cleaning experts from companies like EnviroSpec know better; frequent vacuuming deteriorates your carpet’s surface no less- and no more- than not vacuuming it at all. In fact, homeowners are encouraged to vacuum everyday since the accumulation of dirt and other particles could become a health hazard for all who live in the house.

Another myth says that carpet cleaning can lead to some carpets losing their stain resistance. It’s actually natural for carpets to lose that resistance, but it happens over time and not because it underwent a round of cleaning or two. That said, the article suggests having a Chattanooga carpet cleaning professional renew your carpet’s stain resistance after every third cleaning session.

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